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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Run If I Want To!

Well, my birthday has come and gone! I celebrated by doing what I love most at the moment, and that’s running races! I started the month off with a 100k trail relay race call the Mo’Cowbell Uncorked! I ran it with 4 other wonderful sole sisters. It was a very unique race, it consisted of each runner completing a 10k loop, followed by two 5k loops. It was on the Katy Trail and on a very technical trail inside Klondike Park in Augusta, MO. It was by far one of the hardest races I have ever completed. But a lot of fun and very unique, while waiting for my leg, we tailgated and camped out.This race started at 6am and we werent finished until 6pm. Very long hot taxing day. Check out some pictures. Would I run it again? Sure!


Next up was my official birthday race! I ran the Ferguson Twilight 10k. I invited friends and family and some even participated in either the 1 miler, 5k or 10k that were offered. After the race there was a live band, free beer and food for sale. I had custom cake made in the shape of an Asics shoes #teamsascis and cupcakes with race related toppings. My husband even grilled some burgers and hot dogs to eat while enjoying the show. The weather was a little chilly, but perfect for running. I even ran my fastest 10k at 1 hour 15 min and 21 sec. It was a hilly course, but the crowd support was great and through a nice neighborhood.

Last, but certainly not least! I ran my second OCR race, The Tough Mudder Half of Chicago. This was the big climax of my birthday month racing. One of my dear friends was brave enough to join me. 6 miles and 12 obstacles, it was a ton of fun, and challenging. The runners out there on the course are some of the nicest, most supportive folks I’ve ever come across. I am officially a Tough Mudder! I had so much fun can’t wait to sign up for the full next year.

I had a great time celebrating 32 years of life! And what better way to do it than doing what I love?!







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