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4/21/16 -A Day I’ll Never Forget

My day started off with the wonderful news that I was picked from the lottery for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2016 takin place October 9th!  I entered my name on March 15th and waited impatiently for over a month to find out if I would be running my 2nd Marathon! I got the acceptance email around 3am! I literally couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious! Once I got the enail texted my friend , posted to FB and instantly went to sleep with a smile on face!

Once I woke up, I logged onto my Facebook to a tons of congrats and other notifications that my friend and several other running buddies had got in also!! It was an awesome moment!

I’m headed to Chicago for my 2nd Marathon!



Then, it all went downhill…..I saw an article  Joanie Laurer, BKA, Chyna had passed away at the age of 46! I was a HUGE Chyna fan in high school! I was a WWF, now called WWE, fanatic! The Rock and Chyna were my idols! I had read Chyna’s biography, my wall was full of posters of her, and I even went to see a couple of shows live! I was immediately sadden by the news and changed my Facebook profile picture to one of her to honer her memory.

Not more than a hour later, I get the news PRINCE has died! 😩😩😩 I mean WTH!!!

Intially I thought is was a hoax, because it wouldn’t be the first time social media killed off someone prematurely; but I started to see the info from reputable sources. I was just DONE! I mean how could a day start with so much joy and end in such sorrow.

Prince as much as an Icon as Michael Jackson had left us. The radio station have been playing his music as a tributes and my favorite Prince song “The Beautiful Ones” finally broke me down. 😢

What’s your favorite Prince song, or Prince memory?

Were  you a Chyna fan?

Share with me you’re feelings in the comments.

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson and Joanie Laurer




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