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My Hair vs Running (How I keep it Straight)

If I had choose between either keeping my hair looking fly and running, I would pick running every time. In fact, I have been! I haven’t been doing anything besides a  wash here there for the past few months to my hair. But recently, I really wanted to straighten my hair to see if it had grown much, or to simply be cute! I have naturally curly and very thick hair, I didn’t want to pay someone an arm and leg to straighten my hair for it last only a couple days because of it being ruined by the sweat from running. So I set aside time to wash, color, blow dry and flat iron my own hair! The whole process from beginning to end took about 3 hours , not too bad actually!  I loved the results, and I had done it myself, now I really wanted it last! WAAHH


So I went to trusty YouTube , the place I go when I need help with DIY solutions. I needed to know how I could run AND keep my hair straight with my natural hair! It is possible?! Initially, I though I was out of luck, most of the videos I watch first, the women had relaxers or some kind of chemical treatment that helped with keeping their hair straight. But then I started to come across some videos in which the women’s hair were actually natural. I watched about 4-5 , and took tips from each one, because I knew some things they were doing just wouldn’t work for me.  Sooo, here is the process that I tried and it has been working for me! My straight hair lasted a week looking awesome!! I still haven’t washed it yet because I can still do some other very manageable styles with it semi straight. I’m so happy I can finally have cute, straight hair for longer than 2 days!


My hair before my work out


So what I do first is pull my hair into a tight bun using a hair tie with no medal part.

Then I apply some edge control to my edges , because those are the areas hit heavy by sweat


And last, but most importantly, I apply a moisture wicking Bondi Band, this helps keep my edges in place and help wick away the sweat!


I then wait about an hour or so until I feel my hair is dry from sweating and I comb it down.  As a last step with a dry shampoo to keep away order.  And here is my hair after a 3 mile run!


If I don’t have plans to go anywhere I will wrap it with a silk scarf.

Hope this helps someone that was struggling like me!

“There’s Magic in Believing”




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