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26.2 Magical Miles Around the World : Part 3 The Marathon

It’s Race day! So glad to finally get this recap out to you guys!

2:30am – Rise & shine, it’s marathon time! I had a friend that lives in Orlando and she came to pick up the kids the night before to watch them while me and hubby ran

3:45am – Hopped on the shuttle to start!

4:30am – A loooooong walk to the starting line, my sports watch read over 2,000 steps already!

5:30am – START! I was in corral J, I actually crossed the staring line around 6am. Hubby was in Corral O

The race started at 5:30, I was in my coral at 5am. Each wave of corrals was released at 5 min intervals, each time they released a coral there was a wonderful fireworks display!  As I crossed the starting line I clearly remember my heart pounding and I was asking myself “What did you get yourself into?” My husband didn’t have a proof of time to submit, so he started in the last corral, we felt I would need to the extra time cushion, so we agreed to start off separate and more than likely he would catch up with me (which he did of course).

At the Expo I met Jeff Galloway ( the run/walk genius) and he had recommended I run 30:30 intervals. My goal was to finish in the upright position, and although that run/walk interval slowed me down, I wanted to be able to endure the mileage and just finish.

Although I was running solo, at a Disney race you’re never actually running alone. There is always some one nearby giving encouragement and offering up good conversation.

The weather was predicted for it be a hot and humid day! And even though it was dark when I started It was pretty humid! I was grateful for deciding to switch to using 30:30 run/walk intervals. I came up on some characters pretty quick, a little after mile 3.  I believe the first  was Jack  and Sara from A Nightmare Before Christmas, the line was super long and I decide not to stop, but I took a background selfie!

The sun rose shortly after that and I was on my way into the first park! Magic Kingdom!! Ok don’t laugh, but I cried like baby! I was so emotional! The music playing,  seeing the castle, running up Main Street was just a dream come true! I got some amazing pictures and then made my first character stop with Alice and the White Rabbit! I also got a shot of the Frozen cast hijacking Cinderella’s castle.


I think at about mile 6 was out of the castle and on my way to my favorite Disney park, Animal Kingdom! On the way I got a picture with Jafar, Aladdin is my all time favorite Disney movie, so I had to take the time for that, then I also stopped to use the restroom. I was taking my time and maintaining a 14min/mile pace.


Mile 13ish , half way there, I finally get to Animal kingdom! There was a mini petting zoo upon the entrance, I didn’t stop because I really couldn’t afford to lose anymore time. By this time my husband had caught up to me at around mile 9! so we got some really nice pic in front of the tree of life!

And then it was time for the most Epic event of my marathon! Riding Expedition Everest!!!! The park is open to public by this time, and the rides are open for people to ride if they wish. Expedition Everest is about the only ride that’s right along the course that you could hop on then hop right back onto the course. The wait was about 15 mins, my husband is not roller coaster person so he continued on, I hopped right in line and enjoyed the highlight of my race, and it was worth the time lost!

Once exiting Animal Kingdom, it was a long stretch of road to the ESPN World Wide of Sports, which wasn’t too boring, but not as exciting as being the parks. During this stretch is were I begin to lose my momentum. My body began hurting and at mile 17 I just kept thinking I still have 9 more miles!! I called my husband and told him I probably wasn’t going to make it, it was that bad yall! lol But he told me to suck it up, I had come this far and I better finish!

So now I’m in over 20 miles, and we finally reach the 3rd park, Hollywood Studios! I finally get my second wind, only a 10k left! I got in for a picture with  Incredibles (totally looking forward to part 2!) and headed out of the park. This was definitely my least favorite park to run through. We were in and out so quick, and we ran through this tunnel with loud music and flashing lights, it was stupid and I didn’t get what it had to do with anything. After that we were pretty much out of the park, I’m not sure if  were in there for a full mile.


Mile 24 I’m over it and ready to be done! We are running along the boardwalk approaching the 4th and final theme park, Epcot! I see Genie, and this really lifts my spirits, I stop for a pic and try to pick up my pace! We enter Epcot and it beautiful! I begin to cry again! I see Aladdin, so I stop again for a picture. My husband calls me  to tell mehe has finished. I tell him I’m approaching mile 25! I see mile 26, at this point I push it! I’m smiling for the camera. We run out of Epcot and the finish line is in view! I see Minnie Mouse at the finish and right before crossing we take a selfie! I’m am now a MARATHONER!!!

Overall, i had a blast!! Would i do it again?! Well, not anytime soon……I do think it was perfect for my first marathon, and I loved that I was able to share it with my family! Walt Disney World Marathon does it right! If you are considering doing your first full or looking for your next one, this should definitely be on your list!




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