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Gearing up for OCRs (Obstacle Course Racing)

Another long period has gone by without any new post, and I know I said would start posting regular but life won’t let me be great!

With holiday season beginning , heavier workloads on my job, and my many, many hobbies, I just haven’t been able to squeeze in the time to blog.

Okay, enough with the excuses…

So a few months ago I came across a something called a Spartan Race on Facebook, the people were covered in mud and looked real bad ass!  I took to YouTube to see more about what this race was and I experienced a number of emotions at the same time. I was scared, appalled and excited all at once! I knew I wasn’t quite ready to take on a race like that anytime, so I set my sights on it for 2016!  Well 2016 is here and I have already begun planning my race calendar for the year. I knew I wanted to do this Spartan race! I found out that they have 3 basic races they differ in mileage and number of obstacles.

They consist off:

Sprint – 3+ miles, 20+ obstacles

Super- 8+ miles, 25 + obstacles

Beast- 13+ miles, 30+ obstacles

So I had to decided which one I wanted to go for, I knew off the bat a Beast was out of the question, but I was between a Sprint and Super. I figured, hey I ran a half marathon I think I can handle a Super, but I was forgetting these are much different than a road race. I then happen to come across a Spartan fit test. The Spartan fit test take how many burpees you can do in 5  mins and/or how fast you can run 1.5 miles and use those numbers to recommend a race. Well in the mileage I could do the sprint or Super, buuutt I could do less than 5 burpees before I wanted to pass out, and over 50 burpees is recommend in 5 mins for the Super! It was then a no brainer to choose the Sprint!

As of right now , there are no Spartan races that come to the St. Louis area, the closest is Chicago. After discussing things with husband he was okay with it and even wanted to sign up with me! 💃🏽 So I’m all registered and committed to running my first 3 Spartan races at each level to obtain my trifecta!  Then it start to set in, ” How the heck do I train for this?”

I have joined several OCR groups and have been asking for advice on  how to get started. I have a pretty good base with my personal trainer as he know what my goals are and what I need to accomplish. I have admit I am very nervous and afraid of not being able to get where I want to be, but I am determined and committed!

In addition to the Spartan races, I have also signed up for a Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash and a local OCR race that’s in an underground sand mine! I am already in love with these races and have yet to do one! So stay tuned for my OCR crusades this year!


“There’s Magic in Believing ”



5 thoughts on “Gearing up for OCRs (Obstacle Course Racing)

  1. I’m not a runner, but find your article pretty interesting. I am sure that you will be well prepared & will do very well in your upcoming race. I will most definitely continue to keep you in prayer. Remember…be safe, but have fun!😊👍🏽👌🏽….You can do it! 👊🏾


  2. If you’re not used to obstacle course races the biggest advice I can give is hit some trails. I almost died after my first Tough Mudder three years ago because I only ran on the road to train. So worth the experience and pain, going for my trifecta in the Spartans this year too.


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