Marley Twist: Working Out with Natural Hair

This summer was my first since I’ve been working out and running consistently.  I have very long thick and curly hair that I pretty much maintain on my own. About  3 or 4 years ago I decided to go natural, meaning no chemicals for straightening  my hair, but I kept it flat ironed at all times. This past winter I did a ton of research on how to maintain black girls natural hair because I was having a hard time maintaining my daughter’s hair. Her hair texture is completely different from mine, and I had no clue how to care for her hair type. So after educating myself, I decided to explore wearing my hair in its natural state and practicing various natural hairstyles, while taking better care of my daughter hair as well. So I stopped putting the heat to my hair and decided to wear it in it’s natural state. I did okay in the winter, but the summer was another story. It’stoo hot for twist outs, and I have to much hair to continue to throw in a boring bun So I set out to find an easy quick style I could maintain with my workouts. I decided on the Marley twist! They were fast ,(only took 3 hours to install), very low maintenance (I could wash add oil and moisturizer), and lasted for 4 to 5 weeks So I was able to keep this style by reinstalling once for the entire summer! I also use a dry shampoo after each workout to cut down on buildup and they sweaty smell.  It worked perfect! It was only 10 bucks from Ulta!


So here are some pictures of me throughout the summer with this godsend hairstyle! I will definitely utilize this style again next summer!

11915113_382621565267437_7181003775479585032_n 11214318_371613599701567_1439526848135598722_n


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