I’m only half crazy……..for now!

I did it!! I trained hard all summer in the grueling heat, suffered a foot injury and I was successful!! I ran my first half  marathon on October 4th at the MoCowbell and 7 days later on October 11th ran my second at the hilly Go! St. Louis Halloween race. I did it to qualify for half fanatics, a club that basically allows you to pay for bragging rights, lol. But no really, its camaraderie and recognition of an accomplishment. The membership also provides me with a database to track your races and more.  The minimum to  qualify in the club is 2 halves in 16 days, or 3 in 90 days. Just so happen there we 3 halves in 3 weeks in my town being offered, but I decided 2 was enough, no reason to kill myself or pockets and run a third. There is also a half fanatics group on Facebook that doesn’t require membership to be apart of, but I just didn’t feel comfortable participating in discussion until I was official.

The road to qualification was rough, during my first half I couldn’t believe I had signed up to run 13.1 miles. I couldn’t wait to be done and crossing the finish. Immediately after the run my legs were in so much pai, stiff and felt like bricks. I soaked in Epsom salt bath , and wore compression socks. The next day following I felt MUCH better, but not quite ready for run. On Tuesday, I was ready to run! I was then confident that I could be ready for another 13.1 miles on the following Sunday. I was not however prepared for the hills encountered on the second course. The first course was flat with one hill at mile 10, this course was a complete contrast with hills at every turn. My finishing time for the first half was 2:50:05 my time for the second was 3:08:09.  I am extremely proud of myself and amazed at what the body is capable of when you prepare. I had met my goal time for my first half and my only goal for the second was to finish.

                    12096275_392132510983009_4569116907466020844_n              12122579_394601987402728_847599472641289989_n

Now I’m gearing up for more!! I still have the full marathon of 26.2 miles in January at Walt Disney World. So for now, I’m only half crazy.


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