It’s Training Time!

I’m wrapping up week 2 of my half and full marathon training. I have a long run of 4 miles for tomorrow, then on to week 3. As I mentioned previously I signed up for coaching with Big River Running Company and was given a personalized running and workout plan. I also meet up on Sundays for group long runs. After not being able to run for over 4 weeks it has been really tough to reach my normal pace. I am not there yet, but I have seen some progress. The heat isn’t helping with that either, my coach told me to give it about 3 weeks before I consider adjusting my goal time for the half. My foot injury is much improving! I started using Kinesiology tape and it has been working wonders! I found an alternative cheaper brand of KT tape from Walgreens for about $7 a roll. The pain is almost non-existent, compared to my very first run back in the game.


Something I’m doing new this training season is cycling! I started cycling class at the local YMCA during the time I was off for injury and I really enjoyed it! It burns as much calories as running and is  a good workout for my lower body without the impact. Took sometime getting use to that seat, OUCH! But otherwise it is a fun class and I use it for my cross-training day.

My coach provided me with a strength training workout plan that I incorporate 2 times a week, and boy it’s tough! I hope to get those gains and tone it up! I really feel it in my glutes and abs! Those are the muscles that can really help with running, so I’m really looking forward to the progress.

I am really excited and enjoying training so far! The heat has been brutal and I’ve been doing a lot of evening runs, so my pace is very sluggish, but I’m getting the miles in and that’s what most important!

I purchase a training journal to be my writing companion, it’s titled Believe by Lauren Fleshman a professional runner. I love it! Here are some pictures of it, if you are like me and love to journal and write out your thoughts this is a perfect companion for your training journey.


I think my biggest hurdle with this training will be the nutrition, I love to eat and I’m having a hard time adjusting from “running to eat”, to “eating to run”. But  I’m up for the challenge! Stay tuned for more on my training journey!

There’s Magic in Believing”


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