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Infused Waters: Making Drinking Water Fun!

We all know or should know that we should be drinking at least 64oz of water a day right? When I first started my fitness journey, this was easy for me to do! I was excited and determined to be healthier and lose that weight! Well, that got old and boring real quick. I mean it seems like 64oz isn’t much, but lately I just haven’t been able to get that amount a day.  Before my fitness journey I was bona fide soda drinker!  Mountain Dew was my crack! However, once I got away form it, I really had no desire to drink it anymore. I don’t drink juice, because most times I find it too sweet. So the only thing I drink now is pretty much, tea, coffee and water.  I’m finding myself on average days, excluding those when I have an alcoholic beverage, only having a cup of coffee in the morning, maybe another in the late afternoon, then just a glass of water for dinner and that’s it! I’m not getting much of any hydration! Quite frankly I don’t know how I function on that.

It was time for some intervention. Why was I avoiding water? Well, because it’s boring, no taste and it makes me go pee all day. So I went search to my favorite place for ideas, Pinterest! It was there I discovered infused waters! It makes drinking water more fun and even healthier to drink!

You can use almost any combination of fruits and other options to help spice up your water. I decided for my first venture to go with lemons, lime, cucumber and mint leaves! This combo was said to have the following heath advantages:

-Speed up Metabolism

-Flush toxins from the body

-curb appetite

So I filled up a pitcher of water, cut and added  1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 cucumber, and about 10 mint leaves and left it to sit over night in the fridge!


The next day I made sure to drink the whole pitcher, and it was easy! It was a 40oz pitchter so I added a few cups of regular water to reach 64oz.  The water was refreshing and tasty! I can say immediately that is does curb the appetite! So head over to Pinterest to find a water infused recipe to try!

“There’s Magic in Believing”


6 thoughts on “Infused Waters: Making Drinking Water Fun!

  1. I’ve been trying this for awhile & it’s a great way to take in the daily recommended amount of liquid. It spices it up (I Love the Mint😋flavor) & I like the benefits of all of them.


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