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Color Run St. Louis Review (First Race with my Daughter!)

The Color Run is a very popular international race, just last week it was in Paris! The Color Run is dubbed “The Happiest 5k on Earth”.  Initially I had signed up to run this race alone with Black Girls RUN!,  but as it got closer I realized this would be the perfect first race to run with my daughter. It’s not timed, and it involves color, glitter and music! And I even got lucky and didn’t have to pay for her registration. A BGR! member couldn’t make the race and gifted it to me! So all that was left for me to do was prepare my daughter for her first 5k!

I presented her with the news that she would be running with mommy on Sat! Initially she was not going for it, because she knows how stressed I am when race day is coming and she wanted no parts of that, lol!  So I  visited The Color Run’s website and showed her the video of how much fun we would have at the race. She was all in after that and very excited! I told her we didn’t have to run  and we could take our time.

It’s race morning! She’s excited, I’m excited, it’s early and we are sleepy, lol.

Color run

We have to walk 5 blocks to get to the start! This was the biggest race I had been to thus far! So many white shirts and colorful headbands.

Color run crowd

Race start time was 8 am, but they released people across the start in waves, so we did a lot of waiting until our turn. My daughter was definitely getting restless and started complaining about her feet hurting, Oh boy, I’m thinking. So we finally cross the start at about 8:37 am, and my daughter takes off running! I tell her slow down we don’t need to run, but she is determined to run! So we make it to the first color station, which is at the first kilometer. We run up to the “professional color throwers” and get covered in orange!

After that my daughter had enough  of running AND walking for that matter, so I piggybacked her until the next color station and went like for the majority of the remainder of the race. I was glad she didn’t weight much and that I had the strength to be able to carry her and run at times while carrying her. There were kids out there on scooters and I made a mental note to self for next year!

This was a very family fun race event, more walkers than runners, tons of kids and babies out there. My daughter had a ball despite getting tired. She wasn’t trained or prepared at all, so considering I think she did a good job! I’m already on the look out for more races we can complete together. Here are more pics from the race.

image image image image image image

Thanks for reading always dream, always believe.


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