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Setting New Goals

So didn’t meet my goal for the GO! STL 5k😔. My time was 38:09,  still a PR, but not what I wanted. I started out the race way too fast, and ran my fastest mile. I encountered some unexpected hills on the 2nd mile and my pace was slowed a lot! I was able to gain back some time on the third mile,but still came up short overall. I was surprised at myself how upset I was I didn’t meet my goal time. I’m usually just happy to finish and be faster than I was the last time. But having that very specific goal and not meeting it put me in a bad mood! I wanted a do over! I kept reevaluating the entire race, trying to pin point where I went wrong. I went out the next day to run a 5k at home and my time was even worse! So I gave myself break! I took three days from running and focused on my mental health and nutrition. I picked up me some multivitamins called “Alive women’s energy” recommended to me by a friend. I remember after my last child the doctor telling me I was anemic and I needed iron supplements, and then again being told the same thing about a  month ago when having labs drawn for a routine check. But I never took the iron, so I figured if i’m low in iron I’m more than likely low in other areas! They could also help with me tiring out soon in my running. I also started to take a break from all the “learning to run faster” articles and books. I caught up on some reading of a book I purchased and read some scriptures from the Bible! I opened up to my running group Blacks Girls Run, telling them about my lows, and they provided me with some encouragement to get out my funk!

I’m feeling much better now, and I have set a few new goals for myself! First up, I signed up for my first Half Marathon in October! The MoCowbell, that’s 13.1 miles and I’m so excited. And for the big announcement I signed up to run my first marathon at Walt Disney World Marathon weekend January 10th, 2016! I’m also dedicating this run to a charity for kids battling with a horrible disease call Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T). I’ll be posting more info on that soon! Last, but not least my first RunDisney race is next week! The Expedition Everest Challenge, and a mini vacation at Disney included! 😀😀

In the end I learned I’m able to be disappointed in myself but to figure out what went wrong and get back out there and don’t let it set me back! Stay tooned for my race recap on The Color Run that I ran with daughter!

“Always Dream, Always Believe! There’s Magic in Believing”


2 thoughts on “Setting New Goals

  1. You truly blessed me with this blog post. There have been things I set out to accomplish bUT did not and I would be extremely hard on myself. Like you said, the key is to take a step back and evaluate what went wrong, make changes, and get back out there again. Thanks so much for your transparency. This helps others to know they are not alone. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you!


  2. Don’t you dare be disappointed by achieving something that many people only dream about. You have come so far from where you started.


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