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Will I Meet My Goal ??

The big day is almost here! Go!STL race weekend is this Saturday, and I will find out if I can set a new PR for a 5K in 38 min or less. I have the pre- race jitters, because I really want this!

Last weekend I ran my first race of the season with Black Girls Run! virtual 5k. I did great  with a time of 38:22. So I need to shave off only 22 seconds. During my training, I have ran the 5K distance for a time of 36:42, but I took a lot of walk breaks. It’s another goal of mine to run the distance as much as possible to reach my time. You may be wondering how am I faster when I’m taking a walking break?? It’s because I can recover and have more energy to run faster for the running intervals. So my game plan is to run the first mile non stop, then switch to 3-4 min running interval, 30-45 seconds walk breaks until completion. I know I can run the total distance non stop, but just not at my goal pace.

I have a meal plan set up to follow the day before the race to help me be at optimal performance. I used the Hal Higdon 5K intermediate program, and it was easy to follow and worked well with my lifestyle. The plan calls for a taper the week of the race and no running two days prior. So hopefully my legs will be well rested. I am very happy with my progress and all the training I have done. I can say even if I don’t meet the goal, my running has improved dramatically. I went from a average of a 13:50 min/mile pace to a easy comfortable 13:00 min/mile pace in 6 weeks.

So wish me luck! Can’t wait to update you guys! Next week I have an huge announcement as well. Until then, Always Dream, Always Believe , and remember There’s magic in Believing


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