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Cinderella: Renewed Belief in Magic

My motto for my life is “always dream, always believe”. When I created this blog, I needed a theme.  I combined my motto and my love for Disney, the magical place on earth, and came up with “There’s Magic in Believing”.  I’ll try to explain what this mean for me. To believe in something is very powerful and the definition of magic is ” the power to influence the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”   Throughout my life just by believing so much in something or myself, I have change the course of events that should have or would have taken place if I didn’t believe. So believing is magic!

In the movie Cinderella, she kept her promise to her mother to always be kind and have courage. Her mother also supported her belief in fairy godmothers.  It was right when Cinderella  faced the most difficult time in her life when she no longer wanted to believe but she needed it most, when the magic begin to change events in her life! None of this would have happened if she did not believe or have faith in what her mother told her.  The tale of Cinderella was never a rags to riches story nor about a girl finding a prince, it was about a girl who no matter what, always dreamed and always believed.

This Cinderella story renewed my faith of the “power in believing”. Life presents so many challenges for us but we must realize that WE have the power, by believing, to change or influence the outcome.

Needless to say I absolutely love this movie, it was perfect! I had to have some merchandise, check out what I pick up?

image image

I hope you were inspired, and remember ‘There’s Magic in Believing”.


2 thoughts on “Cinderella: Renewed Belief in Magic

  1. I love it and it was encouraging for me right now. .ik its been a minute since I commented but this one was on point for me…keep it up lady


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