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Herbalife Review

So I’m certain if you have some form of social media you have heard of Herbalife!  Diets and weight loss are always a hot topic, and although its been on the market for over 30 years, its just starting to become really popular. My cousin , the lovely Julia Grimmett,  recently became a distributor for Herbal Life, and she was searching for a group to try this product. I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and wanted to see if this could give me a boost!  Herbalife has a 3 day trial packet for $20 plus shipping, so I thought heck why not? I’ll give it a try!

What is Herbal Life?

It is a meal replacement shake formula that you can mix with 8 oz of water or milk, and blend with ice.  You replace 2 meals a day out of three with the shake. This shake formula is 150 calories and is packed with 9g of protein of fiber you help you feel full.

The trial packet contained 6 packs of the Vanilla cookies and cream flavor meal replacement shakes and 6 total control pills that are basically caffeine pills to help provide energy and increase metabolism. This are taken over the course of the three days along with a healthy meal each day. A meal plan was provided, but to be honest I didn’t use it. I have done the 10 day smoothie diet in the past. So I just followed the basics of that, except I had my coffee. (Sorry I’m just not ready to give that up!)

Day 1

I had to weigh myself and it had been couple weeks since the last time I had weighed myself. I was at 178.

Replace breakfast with shake with Coffee.

Replace lunch with shake

Eat healthy dinner – I had Baked Tilapia with mixed vegetables (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli).

Snacks: Bananas, low fat Jell-O Pudding cup

How I felt: I was not hungry at all, this surprised me! The shakes were very filling, I felt that I had eaten a meal. And I didn’t let myself get hungry, so I hour or two afterward I had a snack. The shakes was vanilla cookies and cream, and I had a hard time mixing it. It said blend with 8oz of milk or water, but I felt that was not enough. I needed at least 16oz, otherwise it was very chalky and thick. I also didn’t care for the particles of cookies in the shakes. I’m a person that don’t care for texture in something I’m suppose to drink.  I was however looking forward to dinner, it was great to actually chew some food! As far as energy, I didn’t see a difference. It could have been because I’m already active and I consume a fair amount of caffeine daily  on the regular.

Day 2:

Replace breakfast with shake with cup of coffee.

I didn’t have lunch! Only a banana

Eat healthy dinner – Baked Chicken breast, corn and peas.

How I felt: Day two was much easier, I did not feel hungry. I got a late start to my morning, and I was very busy with work, and when I looked up it was time to pick up my daughter from school. I did snack on a banana. So I had an extra shake that I let my husband try out. But my dinner time I was starving. So I had pretty hefty portions of my meal.

Day 3:

Replace breakfast with shake with Cup of coffee

Replace lunch with shake

Eat healthy dinner – I had baked lemon peppered salmon with white rice and veggies.

How I felt: Day three was great, I had all three meals, again I did not feel hungry. I was however really looking forward to the next morning to see the overall weight loss! I felt lighter, I didn’t fell bloated like I had been before I started the program. I do feel I could have kept this routine up for a few more days.

WEIGH IN TIME!: I was down 3 lbs ! 175 was my weight. I did not and would not have expected more loss and this was normal for my body size, height and weight. And I was very happy with the results, especially that I didn’t follow the diet plan sent to me by Julia.


Depending on the cost of a monthly supply I may continue this program. I don’t fell its worth a lot of money, because for very little cost I can get the same results with the green smoothie diet. I did however find the shakes more filling and I was as hungry than when on the green smoothie diet.

Verdict: I recommended the Herbalife program. I think it is a easy way to jumpstart your weight loss goals or help get over a plateau.So if your interested email Julia at, she is great coach and also on a weight loss journey of her own.

Thanks for reading!. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I hope you were inspired, “There’s magic in believing!”


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