Disney Merchadise Haul

Lately I have recieved some very cool Disney merchandise! Some I got for Christmas, some I treated myself to and I thought I would share!

So first up I have a Minnie Mouse watch that I received for Christmas from one of my Secret Santas! It’s soo cute, I wear it everyday, and its perfect with my other arm candy! I think she got it from Amazon for around 25 bucks!


My other Secret Santa got me some lovely The Little Mermaid ankle socks from Hot Topic. There are perfect for running, they don’t slide down in my shoes and they aren’t too thick.


After Christmas, Hot Topic had a pretty good sale and I hauled a cute Minnie Mouse bra and underwear set for $4.99, and Belle sports bra for $1.99!


The Disney store had a sale as well and I got this beautiful Mulan (one of my fav princesses) shirt for $9.99.


Then in the mail arrived my late christmas gifts from my hubby! A Mickey and Minnie Dooney and Bourke Letter carrier, a Alex and Ani braclet, and a Minnie Mouse Loungefly Wallet!


I really love the purse, its great for an everday bag, not too big, not to small, and has the classic red white and black colors. Cost  was $179.


The Alex and Ani braclet is my first and is has a Minnie charm.  I already have my eye on two more I want add as a collection. They cost around $39.50 each.


The wallet was perfect for me, as it has plenty slots for all my rewards cards and credit cards that I carry and it holds a check book (yes I still write checks). And it fits in my new purse! The wallet priced at $39.50. I had never heard of the brand Loungefly, so I visited their site and they have some really nice themed merchadise.  Seems like Hello Kitty is their other big seller besides Disney. www.loungefly.com


The last piece of Disney mechandise I treated myself to is a Disney Pandora Charm! Pandora released a Disney line back in Oct or November last year, and they sold out pretty quick. I didn’t get a chance to get my hands on any.  They have restocked and released some new ones. I got my hands on this one which retailed at $55. It says “Be Magical”


Well I hope you enjoyed me sharing my love for all things Disney. Thought I would switch things up a bit and share something different.  Continue to inspired, and always remember “There’s Magic in Believeing”.









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