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Going got tough!

Today I had my first bad, no horrible, run of the year. They say it’s inevitable in the sport of running. You have good runs and you have bad runs. I hadn’t run since Monday because I hadn’t been feeling well and wasn’t getting enough sleep. I discovered that was due to some new birth control pills I had started 😩, female issues. So today was the first day I felt like doing anything and getting back out there. I’m on week 7 day 1 of the C25k which calls for a 2.5 mile run. I’m thinking ok cool, no problem, I just ran 2.25 on Monday. Well at about 3/4 into the first mile I hit a wall, but I pushed myself until 1.2miles then I had to walk. I did run/walk until 2 miles, but then I was just done and over it!  I’m a little disappointed, but I did go 3 days no activity. Why was expecting to knock this run out the park?! Well I’m back down to reality, lol. I’m getting my hair done tommorow for the first time since I’ve been running. I’m kind of concerned how its gonna hold up with all the sweating I do while exercising #naturalhairproblems. I’m going to get back out there tomorrow because it was just a bump in the road and I will succeed. Well I just wanted to vent and hopefully be inspiration to you all on this journey with me, or thinking about coming along.

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4 thoughts on “Going got tough!

  1. We have natural curly hair. Wear it in waves, so if you sweat it won’t affect it so much. I love what you are doing to stay in shape. When I get back, I will join you.


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