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On A Mission

Well I did it! Last week I succeeded in the 20 min run for week 5 day 3 of the C25k and the 2 miles non stop no walk breaks In Week 6! I have 2 more weeks left! It was very challenging, and I had to make a point not to look at the clock and distance. Instead, I just listened for the time to run up and the 2 miles marker voice on the app. After the  20 min run, I felt great. In 20 min I had ran 1.84 miles. But, when I did the 2 miles non stop run, my knees were killing me! It took me about 28 minutes to run it. I was extremely happy with that, because I honestly didn’t think I would succeed past running one mile. So I am very confident at the end of the program I will be running a full 5K!

On yesterday, I ran a 10K at the Frozen Buns Run. I didn’t meet my goal of completing in 1:20,but instead came in at 1:21:41. I caught a cramp in my upper thigh at the last mile, and I pushed my hardest, but couldn’t keep the pace I was running at, which was just under 13 min/mile. Also I came in LAST place, lol!  I had a far of being the last person when I ran the 15K, but running this race it never crossed my mind. It wasn’t a bad experience at all! I didn’t even realized I was last until I looked at my race results. The volunteers and other runner were very supportive, they all were on the course cheering us on. It was a great race! There wasn’t a finisher medal for this race so I ordered one from a virtual race company. Because of course “I run for bling!” About half way through this race I was getting tired and started thinking to myself “I still have another 3 miles!! What was I thinking? I didn’t train for this! ( I haven’t run more than 2 miles since Dec 14th) I told myself after I finish, I’m taking a break from races! Well, needless to say, about an hour after completion I found my next 10k il be running March 28th! 😂 Running is addicting!




Ok check-in time! How are you doing with your 2015 goals? Let me know! So far I’m at 25 miles for the month, I have kept up with my planks and squats challenges! I’m already seeing results from those, but the one smoothie a not so much 😁! I kinda got tired of drinking them everyday! So I gotta think of another way to get them in my routine. Any suggestions? So I think I’m still doing pretty good, il get back on track with the smoothies some how.

Thanks for reading! I hope you inspired!


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