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Good Start!

Well we are one week into the new year! Are you keeping in line with your vision and goals? Let me know how you’re doing. As for me, I off to a good start!  I say good ,not great because I’m still struggling with my diet after eating junk for a couple of weeks. Having those unhealthy food cravings have returned with a vengeance! Other than that I’m doing pretty good! I’m having my one smoothie a day, keeping with my challenges, the plank,squats and 50 miles for the month. So far they haven’t been too challenging, but hey…’s only been one week right?!

I have a 10k race coming next Saturday, “The Frozen Buns Run”, and the name is very appropriate. Its been in the ingle digits here in St. Louis, so if it doesn’t warm up, that exactly what’s going to happen….my buns will freeze! Being that I completed the 15k this past month I’m not really concerned about this distance. I signed up for it only because a friend of mine was ready for something more than a 5K, and she wanted me to run with her. I planned on taking a hiatus until my run in May for Expedition Everest. Well that went out the window, I have three races scheduled now before then. But I stuck with my plan to do C25k (couch to 5k). This is a 8 week program that helps beginner runners complete a 5k without walking. I have been ask several times how did I start running, and I tell them I just got out there an went for it. No plan, no direction, because at the time I didn’t realized there was so much out there to help me get started.

So I wanted to kinda go back to the basics, build my endurance, learn proper running form, etc.I found out about this program, downloaded the app on my iphone, skipped the first two weeks, as I was already running that sequence anyway, and jumped right into week 3. Week 3 was still fairly easy: run 90 sec/walk 90 sec and then a set of run 3 min walk 3 min.  Week 4 got challenging, run 5min/ walk2.5 for 2 sets, but I made it! 💃👏.  I just completed week 5 day 2 today, and the sequence was run 8 min/ walk 5 min and then run 8min. I thought that was big jump very soon. I was on the treadmill for this run because of the cold weather outside. It’s my first run on the treadmill since beginning the C25k,and it was very, very ,very hard! I tried not to look and the clock, and I chanted my mantra in my head “Just run” , until I heard that wonderful sound “start walking”.  When I finally took a look at the pace on the treadmill I realized I was coming up on a mile in under 13 min, and I had walked for 5 min for the warm up. That motivated me! When the sound “begin running” chimed, the last 8 minutes wasn’t so bad! It still was hard, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t want to quit and I didn’t need to chant my mantra. I guess it was because I saw what I could do and it was empowering! Now with that being said, the next run which is scheduled for Saturday calls for 2 miles or 20 minutes running non stop. 😳Ummmm yea, I don’t know about that, but I’m going to try my best! My plan is to go very slow and steady. I really need the weather to be friendly because there is no way I can do that on a treadmill. I need to see me going somewhere. So guys please cheer me on as I attempt this to climb this mountain! Il be sure to let yall know how it went!

If you’re interested in running and don’t know where to start, try this plan. There are a ton out there, but this seems to be one of the most popular ones. I like that there is an app with it too. So far Im happy with it, I’ve been able to complete the days up to this point. I am nervous about Saturday , however, I do believe it’s possible for me to complete.

Thanks for reading! I Hope you we’re inspired and don’t forget to tell me how your new year is going so far!


4 thoughts on “Good Start!

  1. Hey ship, good job! You’ve inspired me to CONSIDER (lol) my bucket list goal of running a half marathon…only problem is that I have a bum knee (must be old age lol)…but I’m gonna try your app.


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