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Hello 2015 , Goodbye 2014!

Well, now it’s time to say goodbye to 2014. I must say this has been a great year for me. I had a second child, my lovely daughter Raven, made it to the fabulous age of 30, celebrated 5 wonderful years of  marriage, discovered I had a love for running, and last but not least I started this blog! I had no regrets in 2014, I believe it jumpstarted me for a great path to follow in 2015!

So what is my vision for 2015?,….and I say vision and not resolutions, because resolution means to resolve or put an end to a problem or conflict. I don’t have any problems that need resolved, so I’ll focus on my vision. I also think it’s important to say or write down what your own vision or goal is for the new year. Place your positive energy into the universe and it has a way of manifesting into reality. It’s God’s wonderful design! So if you like vision boards, a blog , a journal, Facebook or whatever your method of release is, use it!

Ok back to my vision for 2015. Health wise I plan do a 30 day green smoothie challenge for the month of January. I also have commited mself to a plank challenge, squat challenge and 50 miles challenge, all for the month of January!😁 Crazy I know, but I figure I better get focused after being unfocused for the holidays. I have also planned out my races for the entire year of 2015. I even decided to do the Coast to Coast RunDisney challenge in 2016!! (Planning very far ahead)

Self help wise, I also plan to reactivate with my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and do some volunteer work. My calling is to work with the youth, so I be focusing my energies on those types of programs. I need to do better budgeting my spending as well, I’m sure that’s on everyone list right? I know it’s on mine every single year.😒

And that’s it! So tell me what is your vision for 2015? How do you plan on getting it out in the universe?

Thanks for reading, I hope you were inspired, and remember, “There’s Magic in Believing”!


5 thoughts on “Hello 2015 , Goodbye 2014!

  1. I’m willing to try the 10 day smoothie challenge to start healthy in 2015. The chips will be so hard to put down. My goal is to start running again . This is one of my vision for 2015.

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  2. Love it. My goal is to get less of me and more of Go in my life. 2014 I took a leap of faith and started school after being out 9 years. Whoo! But I will continue to be obedient and walk into the blessings he has for me! Keep up the great job. Im so proud of u!

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  3. Gahhh! You inspire me so much in soo many aspects of my life period! My visions for 2015 is to be more active and put down the snacks! Say “NO TO JUNK FOODS” lol love reading your blogs keep up the good work!!


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