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10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Christmas is two days away! It came so fast, I am not ready for the season to be over. I feel like I just got ready for it! This past Saturday I had my annual Christmas party. It was a success, there was family, fun and….FOOD! There was BBQ chicken, hot dogs, brats, turkey burgers, chicken fettuccine, 7 layer salad, and for dessert…..Banana Pudding!! It’s my favorite!  A week before this party I had just completed the 10 day smoothie cleanse and lost a few pounds, which I probably packed back on at this party.

My friends and I created a support group for each other to help keep us motivated about losing weight and getting healthy. One of them suggested the JJ Smith 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. When she told me how the plan works I was not on board immediately. Initially I passed on the cleanse, the name alone sounded intimidating. I instantly thought is was drinking smoothies and nothing else. I love eating food too much to try that type of diet. But later on, she had convinced my other friend in the group to start the cleanse, then they both ganged up on me and persuaded me to get onboard.

How does it work?

The 10 day green smoothie cleanse is 10 days of smoothie made up of green leafy vegetables, fruit and water. You drink the smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have snacks that consist of nuts, fruits and vegetables, and only water and tea to drink.

There is also a modified version, smoothies for breakfast and lunch, 1 healthy meal for dinner, and snacks and water/tea.

We decided to do the unmodified version for 10 days and the modified for 4 days.

There  is more specifics in the book, and I have the link at the bottom if your inspired to try it!

So how did I do on the cleanse?


All the recipes are given for each day, above is a pic of the groceries and my smoothie the first day. Well Day 1 was tough! I didn’t go shopping for snacks. My friends did the shopping for me for the first 5 days of smoothies. So day one was a total fail, I did drink the smoothies for breakfast lunch and dinner, but for snacks I had cereal with milk and crackers. Later that night I went shopping for snacks so I was prepared for day two, or so I thought.

Coffee is not allowed on the cleanse, I am a medium to heavy coffee drinker. The day before I did okay without the coffee, but day 2, I really starting to feel the effects of being without caffeine. I couldn’t focus at work, had a headache and was very sleepy, so I talked to my friends and told them I would be making an exception for one cup of coffee a day. As far as the smoothies and snacks, I did great! I didn’t feel starved, but I did feel hungry. But the book warned about that, so I drank water and ate my snacks to help combat the hunger.

Days 3, 4 and 5  I passed with flying colors. Day 6, not so much, I was training for a 15k run while on the cleanse, and Day 6 called for a 8 mile run. I was so tired and just felt like I had no energy, while I did complete the 8 miles, I decided I needed extra fuel for the remainder of my training. So that day I moved to the modified version, I had two smoothies a day for breakfast and lunch and light dinner for days 7-12. ( I also shortened from 14 days, because my race was on day 14 and I needed carbs!)

The Results

                 Before          After

Weight     183              179

Chest       41.5 ”           39 7/8″

Waist       33″                32 1/2

Hips         46 7/8″           44″

Arms        12 6/8″          12 1/2″

Thighs      25                 22 1/2″

My thoughts?

Even though I cheated and made a few modifications of my own while on the cleanse, I got some pretty amazing results! So I definitely would recommend this book for those looking to make some healthy changes and loose a few pounds in a couple weeks. I’m curious to know what I could have done if I had followed the rules completely, but not really interested in the doing the unmodified version for 10 days. But I’m pretty sure I will do the modified version again, I just don’t think the full cleanse provided me with enough energy for my workouts.

If you have any question please feel free to leave in the comment section. I hope you were inspired, here’s the link to the book on Amazon.

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