The Polar Express Ride- Believing in the Magic

Well, I had a very eventful weekend! Breakfast with Santa, completion of the 10 day smoothie diet, my first 15k race and The Polar Express ride all in one weekend! The most exciting time I have had in awhile, so be on the look out for upcoming post for the recaps. First up, since its Christmas time I thought it be best to start with The Polar Express!

I remember when the movie first released in 2004, it instantly became one of my Christmas favorites. For one, I love just about anything Tom Hanks is apart of, but really because the movie puts emphasis on believing. Believing is powerful, my motto is ‘There’s Magic in Believing’ and it truly is. So when I heard St. Louis was bringing The Polar Express to town, I knew I had to experience it.

Tickets for this event sold out within hours, by the time I got through on the website all that was left were the more expensive first class seats for $68 each. This included a more comfy seat, and a souvenir mug. I decided to get two tickets for me and my oldest daughter. The coach seats were $40, and if I had the opportunity I would have opted for them. This event sold out so quick they added more dates, and those too sold out within hours. The Polar Express ride is offered around the country in select cities, so visit to find one near you. This was so worth the money, and I plan to return next year if they bring it back. My daughter eyes sparkled, her reaction alone made this event a winner. It may become a Christmas tradition.

Please enjoy the video I have put together! Thanks for reading and I hope you were inspired.


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