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Tis the season- The return of the Elf

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas season is here, can you believe it’s already the end of year? Thanksgiving came and went, and December just sneaked up behind it. But anyway, I want to talk about a Christmas tradition I started with my family 2 years ago, Elf of the Shelf. I first saw the book in Barnes and Noble and loved the idea, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard of it before then.  So what is Elf on the Shelf? Its a magical elf that keeps watch over the children, and every night reports to Santa at the north pole whether they have been naughty or nice. Upon returning the next morning the Elf finds a new spot to watch over the child throughout the day, and the child wakes up to find the new location of the Elf. They can talk to the elf and tell it what to tell Santa they want for Christmas, but they are not allowed to touch it! Touching will take away the elf’s magic, and it will no longer be able to fly to the north pole. So you can see how exciting this is!

Meet our Elf Anna


Anna loves to hide, she not very mischievous, but likes to make it hard for my daughter to find her.  She arrives December 1st, and she requires the reading of the Elf on the Shelf book to “activate” her. She stays around until Christmas eve, then she flies back to the north pole until next year.

I myself look forward to all the joy and excitement Elf Anna brings. I love that my child believes in the magic as much as I do. It’s a joy to see her rush out the bed each morning on the search for Anna’s new spot. But, I did the terrible the yesterday, it’s my first time since we have had this tradition. I forgot to move Anna before she woke up


She came running to me, while I was still in bed with the saddest look on her face, “Mommy! Mommy! Anna didn’t move, she’s still in the same spot!” I had to think to think fast, “Oh no, she must need to be reactivated, I think I touched her when I was cleaning up last night. When you come home from school, we can read the book again to reactivate her and write Santa an I’m sorry note.”  Whew, she went for it, still a lil upset, but she had hope. At that moment I set an alarm on my phone for midnight each night to remind me to move the elf. I was curious also if other parents had encountered this problem, and how they handled it. I googled, “forgot to the move the elf”, and boy was I not alone. I even saw that the excuse I made up had actually been used by others. This help me feel better, but it added on the pressure, because I don’t think I can afford to forget again! So wish me luck, things are more hectic this year with a 6 month old, not as sharp as I used to be, lol.

I think this is great tradition to incorporate into the Christmas celebration, as it adds more joy and excitement until Christmas day! I think the Box set is $29.99, but I’m sure you can find on sale somewhere, or cheaper on Ebay and Amazon.

Thanks for reading and I hope you were inspired.


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