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Expedition Everest Challenge 5K 2015

So today was the big day! Well…sort of, I registered for the Expedition Everest Challenge 5K that’s going down at Disney’s Animal Kingdom May 2, 2015.


What’s interesting to me is that Disney had a funny way of announcing the early registration for DVC members and AP holders. I had been checking at the RunDisney site daily waiting for them to update the information from last year’s race. I had only found out from their Facebook page that registration would start December 16,2014. It wasn’t until Monday when things finally updated on the webpage, but still there was no mention of early registration. This is my first RunDisney race, but I’m apart of many Disney related chats and boards, I’d heard that early registration is usually available to DVC members, AP holders and Disney Visa Card holders. They also mentioned that sometimes the same perks aren’t always available for all three. For example, DVC members may get early registration , but  the Visa card holders get a discount off race registration fees. Well I’m a DVC member and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity if it became available. I’d also heard that registering for a Disney race is a sport in itself and a race can sell out within minutes! If you’ve done any with Disney’s online system you probably already know their IT sucks. I just don’t understand how a corporation such as theirs have so many “glitches’ in their system. So I have experience with crashes when trying to get that very important ADR or Fastpass, and I wanted to try to avoid that anyway possible.  Meanwhile, I’m checking the Facebook page, checking the website, and checking the DVC member services pages,.. nothing. Then I decided to take a look at the post from followers on the Facebook page, and someone posted a screenshot of a tweet from RunDisney announcing the early registration for DVC members and AP holders for December 2nd.


I look at my phone, today is December 2nd! I immediately go to DVC member website….there’s nothing! So I pick up the phone and call member services, nobody knows anything! But, in my experience with Disney’s cast members, they’re usually the last to know anything anyway. So, I just stake out on the page to keep checking. Finally, a little past noon, the link showed under special offers and I was able to register.

Now, my question is why was Disney so secretive with this information? I never got an alert from DVC and it wasn’t announced on the Facebook page or the RunDisney website, but on Twitter, probably the most likely place to miss information. Do they not want people to know about the early registration? How does that benefit them? Or did I miss something, was there a big announcement and I didn’t get word until last minute?

But any who, I’m very excited to run this race and I plan to be able to run the full 5k without walk breaks by then. To make it even more special Disney announced this will be the last Expedition Everest Challenge.

Thanks for reading,  I hope you were inspired and don’t forget to comment below!


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