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Frozen Party On A Budget

All my daughter, Sariyah, requested for her 7th birthday, was a Frozen Party, obviously because Frozen has been wildly popular. I wanted to keep it  pretty, simple and within a tight budge.  I had very little time to plan for this party, so I went to my favorite place for ideas, Pinterest, then put my own twist on things!  This party was a great success for 4 children and came in at a grand total of $100!!! (And maybe some change)  Here Some pics of the decorations, all bought from the Dollar Tree, except the hanging Frozen pictures from the ceiling, those were from Party City for $4.99 for the pack!
IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3957IMG_3939
When everyone arrived they each put on an Elsa crown(girls) or Sven reindeer antlers(boys) .  This idea is from My Sister’s Suitcase, but I drew the crown myself, using foam paper and ribbons from Michaels. Then I used gems from the Dollar Tree with glue dots for the each child to decorate their headpiece.

And then we  played “Pin the Nose on Olaf”. I drew Olaf on a poster board from the Dollar Tree, and cut carrot shape noses from orange construction paper.

IMG_3942 IMG_3985

Then I took a black poster board and cut into nice size sheets for each child to make crystallized snow flakes using Epsom Salt mixed in hot water.  This was also an idea from My Sister’s Suitcase.   Paint on dark paper with a paintbrush, using the Epsom salt mixture,  when it dries it crystallizes and creates a really cool affect.  It was easy and non-messy.  A win, win!
“Do you wanna build a snowman?” (my favorite song in Frozen) My favorite part of the party as well! This one I was excited to participate in myself!! We used Jumbo Marsh mellows, chocolate chips, pretzels sticks, candy corn candy and vanilla icing to build our own delicious snowman! All bought from Dollar Tree!
IMG_3955 IMG_3962
And then I was time for more Sweets! Cake and Ice Cream! But of course we had to make it with Frozen twist!  Frozen Snowball Ice Cream Floats( homemade), and Frozen Cake from Schnucks Bakery!
Ingredients for Snowball Float:
1/3 cup blue Hawaiian Punch (or other blue-tinted beverage)
1/3 cup lemon-lime soda (the clear kind)
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
edible sprinkles
Pour punch and soda into clear (8 ounce) punch cups. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The punch will begin to foam. Top with edible sprinkles. Enjoy!!
IMG_3969 IMG_3968

For party favors I filled Frozen theme cups from…. you guessed it..Dollar Tree!, with Frozen Jelly Bellies! Olaf for Boys in a Cars themed cup, Anna for girls. The Jelly Bellies were from Party City.
Everyone had a blast!! Throughout the party the movie Frozen was playing on the TV, and of course we had to take a singing break when Elsa’s solo “Let it Go” came on. I feel it was a huge success, and my daughter was very pleased with her Frozen party. Thanks for reading, and I hoped you were inspired!

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